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Accounts Opening

Account Opening



Applicants are kindly requested to ensure that all original account opening forms and supporting documentation required to open a Corporate Account are returned fully completed and signed, thus enabling us to process the application without undue delay.Faxed or scanned copies are not acceptable.

Please note that where originals of supporting documents are not presented, copies thereof must be Apostilled and/or certified as true copies of the original by a notary public, certifying officer, a bank manager and/or an eligible third party approved by the bank to introduce business.Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.

  1. Bank standard forms
    • Application to open an account.
    • Codeword for account enquiries by telephone (if applicable).
    • Statement of beneficial ownership by nominee shareholder(s) – (if applicable).
    • Non-Cypriot residents declaration for exemption from the deduction of Defence Contribution (if applicable).
    • Questionnaire for ascertaining whether the conditions relating to the term ‘non Cyprus resident’ are met for the year (if applicable). 
  1. Company documents
    • Memorandum & Articles of Association (or equivalent constitutional document).
    • Certificate of Incorporation.
    • Proof of registered address of company.
    • Up-to-date official list of Directors from the Registrar of Companies (issued with the last 6 months) or copies or resolutions appointing Director(s).
    • Official list of registered shareholders and number of shares issued, or copy of share certificates/resolutions authorizing the issuance of current registered shares
  1. Documentation for Directors, shareholders/nominee shareholders, beneficial owners and account signatories

Where the above are natural persons, please provide:

    • Copy of a valid passport or National ID card for each one of the above.
    • Proof of residential address in country of permanent residence for each Director, shareholder and account signatory –i.e. an original, recent utility bill (less than 3 months old), or a bank/credit card/building society statement or local authority tax bill.

Please note: National ID card cannot be used as proof of address.
P. O. Box or a ‘care of’ address is not accepted.
For details of other acceptable documents please contact us.

    • Proof of the company’s business address, if available.
    • Please submit a copy of the temporary residence permit with this application, if any company Director or bank account signatory is temporarily resident in Cyprus and is a non-EU national.

Where the above are legal entities, please provide:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Official List of Directors
    • Official List of Individual Shareholders
    • Copy of valid passport for each individual Director
    • Copy of the temporary residence permit must be provided if any company Director or bank account signatory is temporarily resident in Cyprus and is a non-EU national.
    • Website of the company (if applicable).
    • Business Card of the Beneficial Owner (s) and/or Director (s) – (if applicable).
  1. Letter of reference

Please provide an introductory reference letter for either the company OR for each Director, beneficial owner and authorised signatory.Acceptable sources of references are 1) your bankers, 2) an existing Bank customer, 3) a lawyer or a chartered/certified accountant.In some cases a secondary reference may be requested.

  1. Additional documents if applicable to your company
    • In case where your company is a bearer shareholding company a written declaration is required to be provided by which the identity of the beneficial owners is disclosed from: An eligible third party or The Company’s directors.
    • Copy of ‘Declaration of Trust’ between nominee shareholder (s) and ultimate beneficial owner (s) (if applicable)
    • A ‘Certificate of Good Standing’ for the company, if the company has been incorporated for 12 months or more.(This can be obtained from the Registrar of Companies in the country of incorporation
  1. Further Guidance – Please see below Usual Questions Required by the Banks for the Opening of Bank Account