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Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory

We provide, inter-alia, the following services to corporate clients:

Business reorganization
We make realistic, vigorous restructuring and insolvency implementation advice to lenders, creditors, companies and individuals.

The aim of restructuring is to avoid a formal insolvency. Now more than ever you should be reviewing your company’s position. We offer a range of solutions to help businesses which are under-performing, in crisis or which simply want to ensure they are in a good position for the future.

Corporate finance
Our corporate finance team has in-depth experience and expertise to offer timely and strategic advice tailored to match your evolving business needs.

They help to maximize the value of businesses by advising on a range and variety of work including acquisitions, fund raising, flotations and disposals.

We advise companies across a range of sectors and specialize in areas including technology, media, telecoms, financial services, leisure. Our clients range from national and international medium to large-sized businesses to private ones.

Investment & Finance
Our proposition is based on the assurance that the advice you receive from us will be tailored to your needs and delivered with clarity.

You definitely come first, and taking into consideration the quality of our services, research and strategies are here for you to utilize, make use and either individually or through your corporations. We are confident of our independent, tailored -need approach which enables us to provide investment advice and solutions appropriate to you.

Management consulting
Management Consulting Services: the secret to tackling complex challenges.

Stuck with a complex business challenge? Or an issue that does not fall into a neat category or obvious niche? Do not worry – our management consulting services can help you.

We provide experienced and knowledgeable teams, led by partners who give you the personalised consulting service your business deserves.

And whether we are advising you on business strategy, HR recruitment, process improvement or enterprise risk management, you can be sure to get a service tailored to your organisation.

We have a dedicated and highly experienced forensic accounting team with a personable approach and the insight to solve the most challenging disputes and litigation.

We have an expert team of forensic accounting in Cyprus, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the resolution to your forensic accounting investigation, from corporate to family law, expert witness to forensic due diligence.

We offer a high level of on-going access to partners and aim to get the optimum blend of accountancy expertise, sector understanding and personal attributes together in a team that meets your unique challenges.


UCD  Auditors Is a leading provider of professional business services in Cyprus specialising in Audit, Tax, Accounting and Advisory services. Our aim is to meet the specialised needs of our corporate and private clients, and to deliver result-focus strategies and approaches by responding quickly and effectively to changes in International Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Legal Standards. We strive to provide quality results with full confidentiality and discretion.

UCD  Accountants. Offer a variety of services such as accounting and bookkeeping, preparation of management accounts, VAT registration, preparation of quarterly VAT returns, and administration of Tax Refund and arbitration of doubtful assessments through communication with VAT authorities in Cyprus.

ITN Group

ITN Networks Ltd is an innovating Cyprus company that specialises in Information Technology Solutions and Services organization.

Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions through modern technologies, required for any organization to be competitive and effective in today’s dynamic marketplace.

We offer a range of solutions that consists of products and services.

We have extensive relationships with leading companies in the market. We have the availability to work with any size company, we are able to deliver state of the art products and services.

ITN Design is a Cyprus company that operates in the graphics, web and print sector.

We strive to provide high quality services for all our clientele.  Through our operations we guarantee your business growth and success. Our agency will bring you closer to success faster than any other company can, offering services such as:

Summary of Services
Corporate and Trust

  • Company and Trust Formations
  • Corporate Services
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • International Tax Structuring
  • Registrar and Shareholders
  • Intellectual Property
  • Financial Planning
  • Fund Administration
  • Investment Services

Financial Advisory

  • Corporate Finance
  • Listings
  • Due Diligence and Forensic
  • Business Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Management Consulting

Global Compliance

  • Accounting Services and Reporting
  • VAT Registration
  • HR and Payroll
  • Fund Valuation Services

Business Advisory

  • Internal Audit
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Investment Management
  • Performance and

Reward Management

  • HR Management
  • IT

Tax and Legal

  • International Tax
  • EU Direct Tax
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Legal Services
  • Legal Support

Investing in our people, training and mentoring is a priority at global and local levels, as is recruiting and retaining the best people locally. We believe in our people and their ability to be pro-active, innovative and connected. We always seek top class professionals with ambition and drive to work and share with us the challenges of our job.

We employ an experienced and dedicated team of 80 professionals, with wide knowledge and skill diversity, following a common approach to problem listening,

Understanding and solving, delivering on our clients’ issues in a consistent, comprehensive and practical manner. Our aim is to implement a “solution oriented” strategy to address client needs and actively target integrated assignments.

At CYWORLD ALLIANCE, every client has the benefit of relationship with one or several of the firm’s directors and principals and every partner and principal develop a thorough understanding of each client’s business. Our people are always ready to discuss opportunities, strategies and “what if” situations.

Because we get close to our clients, we can respond to their enquiries with assurance. Rather than simply list options, CYWORLD ALLIANCE prefers – whenever possible - to assist in the decision-making process. We are not reluctant to take a position and support it.

Our mandate and our success can be reduced to an essential formula:
Possess a thorough knowledge, interpret that knowledge wisely and offer those interpretations promptly, clearly, and in a personable way.

We welcome your inquiries.