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Available documents in the registered section , Obligations for a Cyprus Company to the Cyprus Authorities , please register in our agent database in order to gain access to our documents.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due Diligence we require

  • Certified True Copy of the Beneficial Owner’s Passport (Internal Passports of the CIS countries with the page stating/proving the address, and also International passports) and Certified true copy of recent Utility Bill of the Beneficial Owner (except mobile telephone) as a proof or address.  The Passport and Utility Bill may be certified either by a Notary Public or a Lawyer or an Accountant or your Banker.
  • Biography of the Beneficial Owner and an outline of the business activities of the company (a form with the information required will be provided by us for completion). When sending the biography and business activities, is essential to provide us with a business plan if available).
  • Original Bank Reference Letter and/or Professional Reference Letter in favour of the Beneficial Owner, in original, drafted either from a Lawyer or an Accountant or a Banker, with whom a relation was established for more than two years.
  • If the shareholder of the company is a legal entity, due diligence certified documentation of the legal entity is required, including all the corporate documentation leading up to the actual (physical person) Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO).
  • Indemnity and Declaration Letter which will be provided by us must be initialised in each page and signed by the Beneficial Owner in original format. The signature of the Beneficial Owner must be witnessed by two witnesses.